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Welding Equipment

Deca is one of the leading Companies manufacturing welding equipments. It has been on the market for over 40 years obtaining ever increasing success. The company’s mission is to manufacture welding equipments able to satisfy the requirments of all kinds ofwelders: do-it-yourself, maintenance, workshop technicians, professional welders.

  • Equipment for maintenance, small jobs and DIY.

  • High-performance equipment for professional use.

  • Ideal equipment for car body repair and welding of low thickness.

  • Equipment for the construction and heavy welding.

Battery Chargers

A wide range of battery charger for charging batteries of motor vehicles an traction batteries (deep cycle). The ideal choice for modern batteries. All our products are designed to meet relevant safety standards and are manufactured with RoHS compliant materials. Our attention has been certified by the most prominent international certification bodies.

Products range
  • Electronic chargers

  • Traditional chargers


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