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Dugom Rulli bulk handling rollers


Bulk material handling is mainly performed by BELT CONVEYORS. The catalogue MR07 shows DugomRulli IDLERS with this specific purpose.

A short technical introduction suggests the criteria for the calculation and the choice of the various components.

Idlers, whose purpose is to carry the conveyor belt and to allow its movement, consists of rollers and transoms, which are presented separately. Rollers and relevant accessories for garland idlers and pipe conveyors are presented as well.

Products range:
  • Light and medium duty rollers

  • Heavy duty rollers

  • Transoms

  • Brackets

  • Pipe conveyors units

  • Garland idlers

  • Flexible idlers

  • Roller Atex Series

Dugom Rulli Unit handling rollers

The gravity, thrust or live roller conveyors, thanks to their cheapness and flexibility, are among the most used unit handling conveyors. The catalogue CI07 deals with the DugomRulli products for this use.

A short technical introduction defines the criteria for the calculation and the selection of the different components.

The three selections of the catalogue are given up to rollers for idle conveyors, rollers for chain and belt driven conveyors and components for live storage systems.

This latter section includes some special executions and other accessories as well.

Products range:
  • Light duty rollers

  • Medium-duty Rollers

  • Heavy duty idle rollers

  • Light duty plastic rollers

  • Rollers for curved conveyors

  • Cantilever rollers

  • Chain driven rollers

  • Live and friction light-duty rollers

  • Medium-duty friction rollers

  • Belt-driven rollers

  • Chain-driven tapered rollers

  • Coated and special rollers

Dugom Rulli automotive rollers


The current level of competitiveness in the automotive sector has pushed the industry to require much higher performances of its plants, where production takes place with very high rates and continuous cycle of 2, sometimes 3 shifts a day for 6-7 days per week.

This imposes the absolute reliability of the handling systems and their components, essential to optimize the productivity and efficiency of the entire production cycle.

Over the years DugomRulli was able to interpret the needs of a changing market, always offering fully reliable rollers with high-performances in wide operating conditions.

Products range:
  • Coated rollers for pallet conveyors

  • Coated rollers for skid conveyors

  • All steel rollers

  • Coated rollers for Dual Line Conveyors

Dugom Rulli conveyor drum motors

Conveyor drum motors are the drums which control conveyor belts and contain an engine and a gear box in a lubricating and refrigerating oil bath. They are power-supplied through one extremity on the shaft, on which the stator is assembled. They do not require any maintenance and are lubricated for the whole useful life. They have no moving components, except for the shell. Theirs encumbrance is very low and they are easy to assemble.

The DugomRulli range includes drum motors from dim. 60 to 630 mm. with powers from 0,08 and 55 kW. All DugomRulli drum motors have steel gearings.


Mechanical backstop – Electromagnetic brake
Corrosion proof design – Rubber coating black
Rubber coating white – food processing
Galvanised – Motor with 2 speeds
IP 66 labyrinth seal – Design with cable gland
Design with terminal box – Design for 2 voltages


Dugom Rulli Belt conveyors covers


Why covering a conveyor belt?

To protect the handling material.
To contribute to the protection of the environment.
For a longer life of the conveyor parts.
For staff safety.

DugomRulli fairings cover 180º, up to the conveyor belt frame. Patented closing-hinge system enables quick conveyor belt access without having to completely dismantle the covers. Only two nuts have to be loosened.

The cover can can be completely dismantled by loosening four screws, leaving the conveyor belt completely free. The covers are normally supplied in galvanized steel. In pre-painted steel upon request.


Self-supporting covers that is to say without support structures offer all the above-mentioned advantages at a modest installation cost. The semi-circular shape of a self-supporting cover is like that of a tunnel; given its inherent rigidity, installation does not require any supplementary structures.

The covers are available:

• in galvanized steel;
• in pre-painted steel (ask for the range of colours available)

Dugom Rulli Belt conveyors cleaning systems

Belt cleaners are an essential part of any conveyor system. They provide effective cleaning of the belt removing carryback and preventing uncontrolled deposit of significant amounts of material along the underside of the conveyors.

This would accumulate and foul the conveyors return rollers, structure and the ground underneath. In turn this meant costly and time-consuming clean-ups.

DugomRulli offers a wide range of cleaners which are distinguished by easy installation and maintenance as well as excellent price/quality ratio.

To achieve maximum cleaning efficiency, which may involve more than a single cleaning device, all options should be considered at the design stage according to the expected working conditions.


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